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Madeleine McCann: Brian Kennedy Is Talking Balls With Mark Souster

by | 18th, October 2008

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THE TIMES: “Brian Kennedy’s quest to find Madeleine”

Madeleine has turned up in the rugby pages. Mark Souster investigates…

There is no doubt that Brian Kennedy is a driven man. He has built a business empire with a turnover of more than £400million, as owner he has transformed Sale Sharks into one of the leading rugby clubs in Britain, who face Munster tomorrow in the second round of the Heineken Cup, and fathered five children.

But what’s he really famous for?

He is ultra-competitive. Only last weekend he raced Kingsley Jones, the club’s coach and former Wales captain, uphill and beat him even though there is more than ten years between them.

Eat yer heart out, Sisyphus. But what is Brian Kennedy all about..?

Family – he married at 19 – sport and the commercial world are his life blood. But over the past year he has also been consumed by another cause.

Here it comes…

Kennedy has been heavily involved in supporting Gerry and Kate McCann in the search for Madeleine, their missing daughter.

Indeed. What of it?

Kennedy 48, is reluctant to talk about his role or the reasons why he chose to put a chunk of his fortune, estimated at more than £250million, at their disposal.

But it’s headline-making stuff in the Times. It defines the man…

He has said before that he simply felt compelled to step in. “I have chosen to keep a low profile on this,” Kennedy said yesterday. “It is not about me. It is about Madeleine. I don’t want to comment personally on this except to say there is a big job still to do and we are focusing on getting it done.”

OK. Fair enough. The Times respects the man’s wishes. Back to the match…

Seventeen months after her disappearance in Portugal, Kennedy remains as committed as ever to discovering what happened to Madeleine and helping the family to end their torment.

Game on…

Kennedy has become friends with the McCanns and Gerry has been his guest at Sale. “He is a keen rugby man and really likes his sport”…

It’s a game of two halves. And their daughter…

There are a lot of people helping by putting in a lot of time. But as I have said, it is not about me, them, Kate or Gerry. It is about a poor little kid who might be out there needing to be found. So therefore we need to move mountains to find her.”

Indeed. OK. Let’s move on…

The discussion switches to rugby…

So, Brian, is this for Maddie..?

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