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54 Million Ways To Out The Lie In The LIBOR

by | 19th, November 2008
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It also presses ahead with the plan to force disabled benefits applicants to prove they are unable to successfully complete an SAS assault course before they qualify for help…anything less and they are to be re-trained as bailiffs to garnish the funds needed to support disadvantaged banking bonus schemes.

The top ‘compensation’ structures are only the tip of the iceberg. The disgraceful staff incentive reward bonus scheme is endemic and still the bankers in line for public funding say they wish to reward themselves and senior staff in the same way.

Like the one-eyed dinosaurs they are, they will attempt to push through their reward the boys and girls scheme whatever the government demands. Doyouthinkhesawus snouts continue rooting in the feeding troughs.

Old King Cole used to sit in his Counting House while his team ate curds and whey. If things continue along these lines we will all need the recipe.

Brown’s team had better wake up pretty damn fast to this…even down at my watering hole the natives are restless.


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