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James Bulger: Jon Venables Cackles And Waits For A Conclusion

by | 16th, April 2010

MORE news on Jon Venables, one of the James Bulger’s killer, who we learn has gone mad in jail. Well, not raving mad. Venables is mad for Harry Potter.

Jon Venables is, says the Sun, “hooked” on the Satanic, paedo-serving boy wizard.

James Bulger’s murderer, 27, has devoured FOUR of the boy wizard novels since being recalled to jail last month.

And this is bad news:

And it has landed him in trouble – after he was fined by bosses for failing to return the books on time.

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Jon Venables reads bestsellers. As ever, when the press labels a killer a monster and evil, is the essentially human things are can be the most unsettling. An adult reading a child’s book could be creepy, were it not for the fact that hundreds of thousands of adults have already done so.

The hyperbole is not needed. A child was tortured and killed. The killer is just that – a killer. What we expect from this killer is, what? The tabloid press sets out to assure us that they are different to the good in every way. But they are not. They are too much like the rest of us in too many ways. And that is the troubling part.

A source tells the Sun:

“He took out four books from the prison library and loved them. He sat cackling with laughter as he read. Trouble was he gave them back ten days late and got an £8 fine.

Cackling? Times are tough in jail. Eight quid for a late returned book?

“It doesn’t sound like much, but in jail it’s big money. He was down in the dumps for a week.”

It sounds like a lot to us. Eight quid. You can buy the books for less.

Meanwhile, child killer Jon Venables is in jail waiting to find out what happen to him. The media waits to see if justice will be done – and seen to be done. And the legal system and the Government sit on their hands and pray that someone can write the script and tell them what to do…


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Denise Bulger hangs her head as her husband Ralph (right) carries the coffin of their two-year-old son James from the Sacred Heart church in Kirkby.

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