Anorak News | Bullies Tattoo ‘Poop Dick’ On Teenager’s Bum

Bullies Tattoo ‘Poop Dick’ On Teenager’s Bum

by | 22nd, May 2010

TO Concord, New Hampshire, where a 14-year-old is having the words “Poop Dick” tatooed on his backside against his will. No, not on his face. You need to start small. To go witht the legend, he also has the image of a penis.

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The lad says one of the tatooists said “he was going to get the tattoo whether he liked it or not” and that “he would not be picked on anymore if he got it done“.

He claims that if he ran, the inkers said they would catch him beat him up.

The police report says that none of the alleged inkers knew the victim’s name, simply calling him “Poop Dick” or “Spiderman” – he had ocne worn a Spiderman hat to school.

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Investigators say the teen was “frequently targeted for ridicule“.

Four men –  Ryan Fisk, Blake VanNest, Donald Wyman and Travis Johnston – have bene arrested, and charged assault, endangering the welfare of a minor and tattooing without a licence.

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