Anorak News | Win A New iPad And Get A Free Mobile Apple Idiot App.

Win A New iPad And Get A Free Mobile Apple Idiot App.

by | 28th, May 2010

THE Apple iPad is on sale, and anyone keen to look like an utter twat is lining up outside the Apple store in London’s Regent Street. The iPad is not just a massive phone, a big baby activity centre for people who shun work on the computer, preferring to spend hundreds of pounds on a new way to read the paper and buy new apps for their iPhone. The iPad is made for posing, sad tosspots looking for a new way to show everyone what a needy pillock they are. Thanks to the iPad, you can now spot the superficial from at least a hundred paces. The mobile idiot app is upon is. Look for the Apple…

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Keisha & Wilco van Kleef-Bolton, listed as the Guinness World Records tallest married couple outside the Apple Store in Regent Street, central London, after buying the new Apple iPad this morning.

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