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Madame Arcati – Tantrum Over, I’m Still Here

by | 7th, July 2010

HELLO darlings, just a brief message to say that I shall continue to blog on Anorak.

It’s true the editor threatened to sue me for breach of contract and the return of a year’s supply of Abahna bathing products (Abahna borrows from ‘nahana’, Urdu for ‘to take a bath’, should you be interested) as per my demand in my celebrity rider.

But it was your heartfelt pleas to me to stay that moved me – not in any emotional sense, I hasten to add – I didn’t weep – but I mentally registered that my vanity-clit had been tickled in what can only be described as a platonic orgy of sentiment, and accordingly I changed my mind.

Non-penetrative stranger sex is so much more fun, don’t you findf?

I’m not a double Gemini for nothing and I retain the right to swing with the wind (my apologies to friends who were planning a bye-bye party while snickering at minor drama).

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