Anorak News | Nigella Lawson Will Not Be Losing Any Weight Anytime Soon, Okay?

Nigella Lawson Will Not Be Losing Any Weight Anytime Soon, Okay?

by | 26th, April 2011

WOMEN! Are you ‘curvy’? That’s cool. Curves are all well and good. Unless, of course, you’re one of those hideous simpletons who consider ‘curvy’ women to be ‘real’, therefore rendering thinner women ‘fictional’.

See, there’s been a propensity for some gals to throw ‘curvy’ at everyone, usually due to the fact that they’re imagining that everyone thinks they’re fat. For the most part, people are lost in their own daydreams and couldn’t care less about the weight of other humans, leaving all talk of ‘I’m fine with my weight ACTUALLY!’ looking like a hang-ups klaxon.

And so, apropos of nothing, Nigella Lawson – a woman who knows her way around a fridge – has started to talk about her own weight.

Speaking to the Sun, Nigella said:

“Of course I have moments of doubt. All women have times thinking: ‘My God, I can’t go out, my hips are so big today!’ But there’s a range we are comfortable within and I don’t like it when I go above that.

“I’ve got no desire to go below it. If I lose 40lb I would age ten years straight away. But that’s my excuse!”

Before waltzing around her expensively decked out home, furnished by her millions made from patronising cookery books and her art-dealer husband’s vast fortunes, she continued to talk like she was One Of The Girls:

“Women find it very easy to persecute themselves over their weight and whenever I’ve said: ‘I ought to lose a bit of weight,’ I can guarantee I’ll put it on. I love food and I love cooking so therefore I never deprive myself.”

No, there’s absolutely no danger of someone who was raised by a Tory ever willingly depriving themselves is there?


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Celebrity cook Nigella Lawson makes a special appearence, alongside a life-size chocolate sculpture, part of the Christmas window displays at Selfridges, Oxford Street, central London.

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