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Brigitte Bardot Mourns Suicide Ex Husband

by | 9th, May 2011

REMEMBER when Brigitte Bardot was nothing more than a brilliant nymph who didn’t care much for wearing clothes and ached of Gallic cool? Remember those days? The days before she started being an animal rights activist and… uh… mentalist who said dodgy things about Muslims. Yeah. Those were good days.

Bardot seemingly likes animals more than the world of Islam, criticizing slaughter procedures of sheep while saying things like “…my country, France, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims” as well as calling homosexuals “fairground freaks”.

Well, now she’s going to have to mourn a human for a change after reports broke of her ex-husband, Gunther Sachs, killing himself. It has been suggested that he shot himself.

Sachs was a billionaire filmaker and photographer was the grandson of the hilariously named automobile mogul Willy Sachs (Or, Wilhelm von Opel to him mum). He was also something of an international playboy in his youth, but fell for Bardot in the mid-sixties and flew a helicopter over her home in Saint-Tropez, showering it with red roses.

That must have made a terrible racket as they struck the windows.

Bardot remained close to Sachs after their divorce in ’69 and was informed of his death over the weekend.

A repersentative for Bardot says:

“We called Gunter Sachs’ private secretary who confirmed the suicide to us, but we have no details on the circumstances.”

Bardot is said to be devastated by the news and will probably take it out on French Muslims again.


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Brigitte Bardot - the famous French film star - managing to look glamorous despite a simple black high-necked cardigan, in a thoughtful mood between scenes in her new film "Private Life" now being made in Geneva, Switzerland.

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