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Is Cheryl Cole Dating Steve Jones In Moist Publicity Stunt?

by | 17th, May 2011

SINCE Cheryl Cole split with that dastardly greed-monger, Ashley Cole, she’s been somewhat billed as some kind of forlorn, sexless damsel, just looking for anyone, ANYONE to make her happy.

Of course, there were rumours that she was bumping her uglies with Derek Hough, but no-one can fully embrace the notion that he’s straight, so that didn’t run like it may’ve. There’s also, but no-one honestly believes that he has any genitalia at all.

And so, while Cheryl is away backcombing her hair in America, and feeling all homesick, she’s apparently bunked-up with X Factor USA host, Steve Jones. That’s right. Steve Jones. Former T4 presenter and man so handsome that he makes armchairs aroused.

It is speculated that Cheryl has “fallen hard” for Steve and has been having a whole bunch of “secret” with the white-toothed Welshman.

A source says:

They had cosy dinners together when they were in L.A. filming the auditions. They’ve both had jet lag, so they’ve been calling each other when they can’t sleep late at night.

“Steve’s a cheeky chappie and everyone’s noticed the smile on Cheryl’s face and the sparkle in her eyes when he’s making her laugh. She’s smitten – and so is he.”

“Simon [Cowell] thinks it’ll be good for the show. He knows Steve has a reputation as a lady-killer but he thinks he just hasn’t found the right women. He reckons Cheryl’s perfect for Steve.”

And if you believe all that, you’ll believe anything.


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