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Mark Zuckerberg Only Eats Animals He Has Killed Himself

by | 27th, May 2011

SHOULD we be scared?

Or impressed? It’s hard to know how to feel about the revelation that Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg will only eat animals that he has killed with his own two hands. How does he kill them? Does he gut them himself as well? What about fish? Does he have to kill them too?

The story came out when Zuckerberg bluntly posted (on Facebook of course, to his 879 friends): “I just killed a pig and a goat.” It didn’t get a great reaction, the story got out and aware of the PR implications, Zuckberg fired off an email to Fortune magazine to explain. It is about healthy eating and responsible global citizenship of course. OR SO HE TELLS US. What it is –  is that Zuckerberg sets himself a personal challenge every year, and this is 2011’s. He put it like this:

This year, my personal challenge is around being thankful for the food I have to eat. I think many people forget that a living being has to die for you to eat meat, so my goal revolves around not letting myself forget that and being thankful for what I have. This year I’ve basically become a vegetarian since the only meat I’m eating is from animals I’ve killed myself. So far, this has been a good experience. I’m eating a lot healthier foods and I’ve learned a lot about sustainable farming and raising of animals.”

He goes veggie in restaurants.

Zuckerberg’s previous challenges to himself included “wearing a tie every day for a year” and spending an hour a day learning Mandarin.

I think the challenges are getting scarier. What if by 2016 – he challenges himself to remake global power-structures? He might do a better job of it than the current “government” system manages, but you know – it would an issue for humanity. We are talking about one of the most influential men in the world.

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