Anorak News | Christina Hendricks Is Literally Smoking Hot As She Sets Herself On Fire

Christina Hendricks Is Literally Smoking Hot As She Sets Herself On Fire

by | 16th, June 2011

THERE has been a by-law passed that you absolutely MUST fancy Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. Not necessarily fancy her all the time, but rather, fancy her when she’s in her Mad Men clothes. If you’re a woman who doesn’t fancy women, then you must, by law, appreciate the fact she has those ubiquitous ‘curves’.

You must. Or face the death penalty.

And so, regardless of our true feelings, we must heap praise on Hendricks’ figure which, in itself, is nearly as impossible as the imaginary waifs we’re told about (imaginary because fat people say they aren’t ‘real women’). Handily, we have a joke about her hotness lined up for this story which involves her setting herself on fire.

See, Hendricks is so brilliant that she nearly caused herself a massive, skin-bubbling injury as she accidentally set fire to her legally obliged perfect self at a post-show party.

The most perfect human who ever lived was attending a soiree at The Carlyle hotel in New York but, sadly for her, she lacked the required sensory feeling to notice that she had got too close to the naked flame of a candle.

As such, her trench coat burst into flames, leaving her scrambling and rolling around trying to extinguish the fire.

But she is brilliant and perfect and has curves and she’s brilliant and wonderful and perfect and AAARGH SHE’S NOT ALL THAT OKAY? CAN WE STOP THE CIRCLE JERK NOW? DON’T ARREST ME!


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Christina Hendricks arrives at the 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Shrine Exposition Center in Los Angeles, California.


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