Anorak News | As 6million Facebook Users Leave: The Social Network Is Probably Over

As 6million Facebook Users Leave: The Social Network Is Probably Over

by | 20th, June 2011

Imagine a world without status updates from your friends, pictures of your cousin’s breakfast and the opportunity to give your personal data to multinational companies. News that Facebook just lost 6 million users in the US could make it come sooner than you think.

The site also lost 100,000 users in the UK in the last quarter, and though the site posted a rise in global users, it was lower than growth in any previous month. It is currently estimated to have 687million users.

Possible explanations include a seasonal dip (as students graduate – or quit to revise for their exams); the possibility that Facebook has hit saturation with users in core countries like the US and Canada; the suggestion that recent changes in privacy have put off a swathe of users or simply – Facebook burn-out – people are getting fed up and moving on.

Let’s do something we don’t often do – think about MySpace. Websites can fall as fast as they rise. And in the heady days of 2006, MySpace went from making $50m a month, and gaining 70,000 new users every day.. to being the junk-filled money-drainer that it now is.  Though Facebook has risen further than any web service before except Google,  the grim spectre is there. Start making emergency plans for the day when your friends no longer post pictures of their dogs/kebabs/babies.


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