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Boy Shoots Chupacabra In Texas: Photos

by | 21st, July 2011

CARTER Pope, 13, has shot and killed a  chupacabra at his home in La Salle, Texas. Says Pope:

“Something slowly came across and started shaking, slowly moving across. It was grey, no hair at all. I thought that’s a chupacabra.”

What with this being Texas, Pope did as any local might when confonted with a thing of wonder and legend: he shot it dead. He then tried to work out what it was.

So. Is it a  chupacabra, a mythical creature that that sucks the blood of livestock? Or its a sick dog, say, or a calf, or just the last of its kind shot in the face by a boy who dared to dream..?


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A STRANGE creature has washed up on Diggers Beach, near Coffs Harbour, Australia. We at Anorak love a new discovery. There was Lamb Man. And Goat Kid.And the alien. This fur-covered creature is around two foot long. It has pink feet. Four of them. It has pink nose. It was fond by Peter Atkinson: “It was found on the high water mark and we contacted National Parks, but it appears the animal was washed back out to sea on the next tide.” Or swam back into the deep…

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