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Boy Shoots Chupacabra In Texas: Photos

by | 21st, July 2011

CARTER Pope, 13, has shot and killed a  chupacabra at his home in La Salle, Texas. Says Pope:

“Something slowly came across and started shaking, slowly moving across. It was grey, no hair at all. I thought that’s a chupacabra.”

What with this being Texas, Pope did as any local might when confonted with a thing of wonder and legend: he shot it dead. He then tried to work out what it was.

So. Is it a  chupacabra, a mythical creature that that sucks the blood of livestock? Or its a sick dog, say, or a calf, or just the last of its kind shot in the face by a boy who dared to dream..?


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This rotting "sea serpent" carcass was captured by the Japanese fishing boat, the Zuiyo-Maru off the coast of New Zealand.

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