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Painful Stupidity From the Government On Fuel Costs And Solar Panels

by | 2nd, August 2011

THERE are two things that make this such a painful statement to have to read:

THE Government has claimed the use of solar panels will provide a vital element in the fight against soaring fuel bills as thousands of households in a Yorkshire city will benefit from the renewable energy technology.

The first is the mind-gargling stupidity of the actual statement.

Currently we pay around 10 or 11 p for a kWh of electricity from coal or nuclear. We have to pay 48 p per kWh for that solar stuff.

Sure, it all gets blended in and we can’t tell whether we’re buying nice or nasty when we turn on hte light: but all ‘leccie bills are pushed up by our having to buy that solar stuff at that higher price. So they’re saying that pushing up bills is a solution to bills getting higher.

No, really, they are: they’re saying that producing more of the most expensive electricity in the country, forcing everyone to buy it through higher electricity bills for all, is the answer to everyone already having higher fuel bills.

Now, it may or may not be sensible that we’re having more solar power: that rather depends upon what you think about climate change. But the actual argument being deployed here is entirely insane.

The second painful thing about it is that: they might actually think we’re stupid enough to believe them.

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