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London Riots: Notting Hill Survivor Talks Of The Balkanisation

by | 12th, August 2011

THE London Riots were scary for anyone in targetted by the goons. Notting Hill was hit. One local woman wants to tell her story to the Daily Mail. Mary Lu-Cole (yes, indeed, that is her actual name) recalls how her house was invaded by two hooded twats. She then delivers a line that almost defies comment:

“We have lived in Notting Hill since 1995 and, although there are council estates cheek by jowl with multi-million-pound houses here, I have never felt afraid.”

Those bankers are utter sods who will destroy your life by stealth, but so long as the trust fund is in good hands, you need not be afraid…

Lead image – as caption by the Press Association:

1976: Police with drawn truncheons and using dustbin lids as shields in Notting Hill – a West Indian area of London – after the calypso carnival became a carnival of terror. Police fought running battles with people as rioters smashed shop windows and attacked fleeing Whites


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