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More Stupidity On The Riots From Russell Brand And Those Dominant Turks Poles And Bengali Muslims

by | 14th, August 2011

RUSSELL Brand knows why the rioters rioted in London, Manchester and Birmingham. No, its not because rioting is what rioters do – it’s deeper than that. We have already begun compiling our big lists of reasons for the riot. Brand’s input is useful. He tells Guardian readers that it was not mindless violence:

I should here admit that I have been arrested for criminal damage for my part in anti-capitalist protest earlier in this decade. I often attended protests and then, in my early 20s, and on drugs, I enjoyed it when the protests lost direction and became chaotic, hostile even.

Off your face on drugs does not make your mindless (ask Charlie Gilmour):

I found those protests exciting, yes, because I was young and a bit of a twerp but also, I suppose, because there was a void in me. A lack of direction, a sense that I was not invested in the dominant culture, that government existed not to look after the interests of the people it was elected to represent but the big businesses that they were in bed with.

He was not invested in the dominant culture. Like her? And then he tells us:

I felt that, and I had a mum who loved me, a dad who told me that nothing was beyond my reach, an education, a grant from Essex council (to train as an actor of all things!!!) and several charities that gave me money for maintenance.

The dominant culture in the form of Essex council gave him money to train as an actor and charities given tax breaks? So. That sounds a lot like investment, no?

That investment might well have helped Brand get rich and live in LA. And then he tells readers:

These young people have no sense of community because they haven’t been given one.

You get given a sense of community by the State? No, Russell – you create a community yourselves. And you want an example of the kind of people who create communities? Those not invested in the dominant culture create communities – for crime and law and order:

Cristina Odone has news for you:

“Over in Whitechapel, rioters were held back by 1,500 Muslim men – mostly Bengali, but also Somalis – emerging from the mosque after evening prayers …Turks in Dalston, Poles in Ealing, and Kurds in Haringey stood up to the thieving thugs at night, then spent the day helping repair the damage.”

Are they part of the dominant culture? They make their own luck and never rely on the State…

Lead photo – The Southall Establishment protect their comminuty. Below: The jokers:



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