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9/11 – When Vengeance Destroyed The Myth of Decency

by | 11th, September 2011

THE twin buildings of the World Trade Centre in New York collapsed after hijacked passenger jet liners had ripped into each and smoke rose from crash sites of two other jets. One in a field and another at the heart of America’s military might.

Much which was decent and honourable died in those few minutes

The conspiracy theorists still have the daily rant:

Where was the proof there was actually ever a plane which hit the Pentagon, the world’s principal madhouse where military persons daily played out War Game scenarios of mass destruction ?

In a decade of watching the available footage has anyone yet to see evidence of an aircraft hitting the building? It must have done any alternative is not acceptable…but look at the USA’s track record!

All have special memories of that day. I was at a huge West Highland funeral in a small coastal village in Scotland. Matty McKay was a high 60s and something builder and crofter, born in New York State where his parents had emigrated in the late 1930s looking for a better life. The world span out of control when Hitler and his mob vomited their madness onto an unsuspecting world and Matty’s parents returned to their ancestral home.

Matty was one of the most likeable men to know and was hardly ever ever without his flat cap and builder’s spade. He had a kind word for everyone and a mischievous sense of humour which managed to get a rise out of almost everyone he met and knew…without wounding or hurting and that was a rare talent I still envy. Matty’s cap and spade are still with him in his resting place at the end of a peninsular looking West over the Atlantic. Next port of call in that direction was New York. It was one of those days everyone wondered the why of it all and the sadness of the end of a beautiful mind.

The Kirk is next to our home and the choking collar and tie forced me back to a late lunch and a switched on tv.

The mind-sheering, unbelievable, events in New York caused me to gag and put away the meal as the horror unfolded. Thoughts of writing it all down raced through the brain but there was no point. Billions were witness to the atrocity and it dawned there was no single word which could have described the carnage presenting itself.

ONE thought surfaced in a totally agnostic mind; Matty was needed elsewhere to help the lost souls of the World Trade Centre through whatever portals were available. He had been been called home.

Second thought was right then and there the world had again spun out of control.

The USA had the weapons, know how and the will to wreak a terrible vengeance on its perceived enemies. The Hawks would again soar to stoop and kill or a least cause great anguish.

9/11 was a despicable horrid act seen as a brilliant coup by the fundamentalistĀ lunatics of whatever Middle Eastern political or religious creed but what followed has been a million times worse.

Many of the older States of the Western world were horrified as the Bush coalitions (Blair of the UK will forever be the fawning puppy) drove through a warmongering programme which has killed thousands (some claim millions).

Lying to elected representatives became the norm. Afghanistan and the Taliban were the first in the cross-sights of the wrathful, righteous, USA led invasion force. Military men in the UK were ignored as they pleaded with politicians not to go ahead since Britain had never ever been successful in Afghanistan campaigns.

It still is not and each week more US and British soldiers are killed by the Taliban and former mujaheddin (once backed by the USA) warriors who have never seen film or television footage of the World Trade Centre towers collapsing on their trapped inmates. Ground Zero remains in the Afghan dust and behind the sight of a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher.

Horrified weapons experts watched in deep distress as advice was ignored and the mythical Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction became the excuse to allegedly sex-up intelligence reports. In the UK Dr David Kelly was found dead with cuts to his wrists and, subsequently, the true despicable nature of Blair’s political team was revealed. The brash Alistair Campbell, a former Daily Mirror editorial team leader turned angry PR man, was an unelected (and totally unelectable) member of Blair’s inner cabinet. He was shown to have had so much power he could get away with telling the Joint Intelligence Committee how reports should be structured to influence Parliamentary decisions. This was yet another nail in the coffin of democracy.

When disaffected young people began suicide bombings in places like London the true nature of the lasting changes hit home.

Blair gave way to the complicit Brown and Labour fell for many reasons but one was the Sword of Destruction it had wielded. It is worth remembering many of the complicit, of all political thought, are now sitting in the House Of Lords as apparently honourable men and women… and that is a sick joke of a very special British kind.

9/11 was also the day the USA realised it was not a grumbling lion aloof on an untouchable continent. The demonic plot of four hijacked aircraft and used as weapons was cheap and effective.
The USA woke, snarled and lashed out. There is no final accounting but the Al-Qaeda action continues to be effective because the knee-jerk reactions still drain national purses.

9/11 released the bully boys. States such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and potentially Syria and Iran, had regime changes forced upon them by the might of the USA and its reluctant attack dog Nato.

9/11 changed the rules. Does anyone now care one of the fundamental principals of the United Nations is no member Nation State should have the political will of any other Nation States imposed upon it?

9/11 coarsened opinion. Political assassination of terrorist enemies is deemed acceptable and not one major Western leader has challenge the legality of the USA Special Forces action when killing Osama bin Laden in his home as the President of the United States and his team watched from across the world.

9/11 was the day decency was murdered and the red mist madness began.

The World is a much poorer place because of it.


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People in front of New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral react with horror as they look down Fifth Ave towards the World Trade Center towers after planes crashed into their upper floors Tuesday morning, Sept. 11, 2001. Explosions and fires collapsed the 110-story buildings. (AP Photo/Marty Lederhandler)

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