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Sarah Harding Escapes The Pussies In Rehab

by | 8th, December 2011

WHEN Sarah Harding said, “Only pussies go to rehab” she became my favorite drunk. Nobody likes a nasty drunk (unless they’re naked) and who likes an angry drunks? Sarah was always a lovely drunk and never one to find herself in handcuffs after acting the fool. (Maybe she did.)

When I heard she’d been sent to rehab in Arizona it was sad faces all round because Drunkenho-ville had just lost it’s mojo.

A month is a long ass time in rehab but I can’t believe Sarah got her drunkie gene “rehabed” in that short amount of time. Sarah is now back home and according to the pink pens that light up the world of OK! magazine she’s now looking forward to Christmas. That you may want to take as good news.

According to OK! (who sent a photographer to picture Sarah hanging her earrings on a Christmas tree) when Sarah got home she immediately put her relationship with Tom Crane under a guillotine and quickly beheaded it. In the brief interview she gave them she explained that rehab is just too damned hard on a relationship.

That you may want to take as bad news because I can totally picture Sarah laying on her bed, wearing skanky joggers and not showering for days because the only way to end a relationship is the way you started it, drunk as a skunk.


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