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Kerry Katona Is OK So Say OK! In The Most WTF Interview Of The Year

by | 8th, December 2011

TRY saying worldwide wreck over and over very quickly. Now try saying Kerry Katona. That works, it’s easier to say, it means the same thing and still infects your mouth like marching powder. 

I don’t find it offensive when I hear Kerry called a mashed ball of dumb, but I do find it offensive when I hear her called relevant or interesting. Which brings me nicely round to asking what in the name of a rats nest are OK! magazine doing this week by gluing Kerry’s life of mess over three whole pages?

I know how every week OK! have to find an idiot to talk to so as to make us all feel better about our life’s choices but this week they deserve a damned nobel prize for publishing the WFT Interview Of The Year.

Because I can only drunk blog Kerry’s foolery via my Blackberry when I’m keeled over on the top deck of a night bus I therefore have to admire (and commend) OK’s Chrissie Reeves for asking Kerry all 17 pre-prepared questions, diligently writing down all 17 pre-prepared answers and managing to do so without melting into a toxic pool of fishy mess on the floor. ( Like me )

Referring to I’m a celebrity Chrissie starts her piece by describing Kerry as ‘Our Favorite Queen of the Jungle‘. I dunno, did she forget about Mylene Klass or was Claire Powell looking over her shoulder?

Chrissie goes on to ask Kerry about being a winner before tip-toeing around Kerry’s divorces drug problems and trip to rehab with a kleenex in one hand and a large pink glitter pen in another.

Obviously, OK magazine only employ serious journalists that ask thought-provoking questions the kind that nobody has ever thought to ask before.

OK: “What’s your worst headline”?

Kerry: ” When I was caught….. does Kerry say A) Snorting cocaine. B) Going to rehab or C) Being drunk on live TV?

You decide.


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THIS PICTURE IS FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY : Singer Kerry McFadden , of the girl band Atomic Kitten, performing on stage at the Disney Channel Kids Awards 2000, at the London Docklands Arena. * 10/1/2001: McFadden and Atomic Kitten's Kerry Katona are expecting a baby. The baby is due on September 5 the day before Kerry's 21st birthday. The pop star pair secretly got engaged last year but kept the news under wraps until a few weeks ago for fear of upsetting Westlife's millions of young fans. 18/1/2001: Kerry Katona, who is pregnant and will leave girl group Atomic Kitten for the health of her unborn child, her record company said. She is to be replaced by blonde Jenny Frost who was seen earlier this year among a party holidaying with the Duke of York in Thailand. Kerry, 20, is said to be leaving the band early in order to rest from the hectic schedule and prepare for the birth of her baby in September. 06/03/02 The former Atomic Kitten star turned TV presenter beat rivals including Victoria Beckham to the title of Celebrity Mum of the Year. Katona, who is married to Westlife's Bryan McFadden and mother to six-month-old Molly, got more than twice as many votes as Posh Spice in the online poll by toy firm The Blue Foot Bear Company.

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