Anorak News | Dear God the UK Uncut people are stupid: Philip Green is innocent

Dear God the UK Uncut people are stupid: Philip Green is innocent

by | 19th, December 2011

SO here’s a little missive from a UK Uncut protestor who was released from a police cell after protesting at TopShop about Phillip Green.

Well, Philip Green pays no tax on his company dividends.

I agree that we might have to beat this into the fool with a cluebat but the reason that Philip Green doesn’t pay any tax on his company dividends is that Philip Green doesn’t receive any company dividends.

Not a penny, not one iota. And we don’t demand that people pay tax on money that they don’t get. Strange that but we don’t.

The company is actually owned by Tina Green. So, here’s what happens.

Arcadia is the company that owns TopShop. Arcadia, in the years that it makes a profit, pays corporation tax on those profits just like every other company in the country. Exactly the same rate, just the same as everyone else. Then, in those years that Arcadia pays a dividend, the money is sent out to the shareholders, Tina Green being the only one.

Tina Green is not British and does not live in Britain. Therefore she does not pay tax on her income in Britain. This rule is the same for all of the 6 billion 940 million of our fellow human beings who are not Britons and do not live in Britain.

To get locked up in a cell for protesting that not British people don’t pay tax in Britain is pretty damn stupid. But it gets worse:

Companies like Topshop also make full use of waste disposal services, the Royal Mail, ambulances, fire service and road maintenance.

How amazing would it be if the unions and the police federation organised to withdraw their labour from these companies? Binmen should refuse to pick up Vodafone’s garbage! The police should refuse to attend demonstrations or arrest shoplifters at Topshop and friends.

Philip Green, if you refuse to pay tax, then you should rely on your own beefcake thugs to protect your profits, and not call in the cops. Yesterday you, and the rest of your ilk, proved that you really are filthy rich scroungers.

So, there you have it, if you don’t pay tax you don’t get the services of the State. So a company that is losing money (and you don’t pay tax if you’re losing money!) doesn’t get the bins collected, doesn’t get the protection of the police. Nor do the unemployed (no income, no tax!), stay at home mothers (no income, no tax!) or the disabled living on benefits (no income, no tax!).

Quite, disabled grannies don’t get police protection because they don’t pay tax. Lordy these UK Uncut people can be stupid.

Oh, by the way, fun fact. Arcadia lost money this year. No profit and definitely no dividend. In fact, it hasn’t paid a dividend for several years.

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