Anorak News | It’s a steal: Whitney Houston’s stuff up for sale

It’s a steal: Whitney Houston’s stuff up for sale

by | 24th, February 2012

WHITNEY Houston’s coffin had barely touched the ground when celebrity auctioneer Darren Julien announced that her belongings would be sold off to the highest bidders. Already next month, Houston fans and celeb memorabilia collectors will be able to lay their hands on a vest and faux-pearl earrings worn by the late singer in The Bodyguard, as well as a floor-length, black velvet dress that belonged to her.

The items will be included in the “Hollywood Legends” auction on 31 March and 1 April at Julien’s Auctions gallery in Beverly Hills, California. The auction was scheduled long before Houston’s tragic death at the Beverly Hilton hotel on 11 February at the age of 48. But her items were only included after she passed away.

Was it in bad taste to rush these Houston-touched items into the auction, just a day after her funeral? Julien doesn’t think so. “It’s a celebration of her life”, he told the AFP. “If you hide these things in fear that you’re going to offend someone – her life is to be celebrated. These items are historic now that she passed. They become a part of history. They should be in museums. She’s lived a life and had a career that nobody else has ever had.”

The singer’s black dress is valued at $1,000, the vest and earrings she wore in <i>The Bodyguard</i> are listed as $400 and $600, respectively. But all items are expected to fetch much more. Other Hollywood memorabilia to be auctioned at the public sale include gems like Charlie Chaplin’s cane, Clark Gable’s jacket from Gone With the Wind and Charlton Heston’s staff from The Ten Commandments.

If you’re really keen on Houston’s wardrobe, you don’t need to travel all the way to Los Angeles to pick them up – bidders can call in their offers by phone or online.

A black velvet dress owned by Whitney Houston. The floor-length, long-sleeve dress has a high collar and is embellished at neck and waist with metallic silver ribbon, black and clear stones, giving the illusion of a necklace and belt. Zipper at back. Estimate: $1000-2000

A pair of white faux-pearl drop earrings worn by Whitney Houston in "The Bodyguard". Purchased at the end of production sale by the film's set costumer, Janet Sobel. Estimate: $600-800

A vest worn by Whitney Houston in the 1992 film, "The Bodyguard"

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