Anorak News | Will people please stop blaming Greece on the Neoliberals?!?

Will people please stop blaming Greece on the Neoliberals?!?

by | 5th, March 2012

AS a fully paid up neoliberal myself it does irritate immensely when we get blamed for things that are absolutely none of our fault. It’s just fine to blame us for things we did fuck up (the design of British Rail’s privatisation for example) But getting shouted at because people are doing absolutely the opposite of what we Green Lizards controlling humanit recommend is going a bit too far.

Take this for example:

The slow death of Greece was a political project from the start, with politicians accepting the prescriptions of neoliberal economics.

Umm, no, really, just no.

What we bastard neoliberals have been shouting for a couple of years now is that Greece is bust, needs to default and shouldn’t be in the euro either.

Indeed, go back a bit further and we were shouting that there shouldn’t be a euro because it won’t work. Our High Priest (and Chief Green Lizard, of course) Milton Friedman actually said it won’t work so therefore you shouldn’t do it.

And if it was going to happen then Greece certainly shouldn’t be in it. Because it would all end up as the most godawful disaster, that’s why.

So everyone ignored us, went ahead and created the euro, invited Greece in. Then when Greece goes bust they all dither for two years and still no one is doing what is necessary to get Greece growing again: getting Greece out of the euro.

So the entire clusterfuck was against neoliberal advice and no one is using the neoliberal solution.

Yet it’s still all our fault?

 Image: A man enters an office of Labor Force Employment Organization, with graffiti under the logo of OAED reading ”Snow or rain the jobless are always hungry”, in Athens, Thursday, March 1, 2012. Europe’s leaders travel to Brussels Thursday, hoping to chart the continent’s way back to growth as figures showing unemployment in the 17-country eurozone spiking to its highest level since the euro was established in 1999.

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