Anorak News | Campus studs offer free booty to female students

Campus studs offer free booty to female students

by | 6th, April 2012

AS we all know a rattling good shag helps clear the mind, reduce stress and generally makes everything better. Thus three lads at a German university have selflessly offered themselves up to the female students as providers of such rattlingly good shags.

For, as they say, studying for exams can be stressful, it can cut into the time available to maintain (or even seek new) relationships so why not just send the lads an email and they’ll come around (fnar) to root out (fnar, fnar) that stress with a booty call.

Oskar and his partners then reply: “Many students are too stressed out during exams to go out at night. This leads their sex lives to languish.” But armed with the knowledge that regular physical exercise brings health benefits and helps with studying, the young men behind Bib:Love are more than happy to provide support. Female students who spend their evenings drained and fatigued in the library and are in the mood for a little closeness and intimacy are encouraged to send an email. Then one of the three men will meet with them. If the circumstances are right, the meeting ends in sex.

Much to the surprise of everyone who has read about this idea they’ve actually had five customers so far.


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