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Fracking idiots come to the fore

by | 18th, April 2012

THERE are indeed reasons not to like fracking for shale gas. Yes, those earthquakes but they’ll only be happening in Lancashire so who gives a crap? They’re also small, about the same as we used to get from coal mining and we dealt with those well enough for a century or more.

It’s also true that having lots of cheap gas around will keep us all warm and toasty for the next century or two. There are those who disapprove of that, might stop us from regressing to the peasant lifestyle which will make us all so much better human beings.

Then there are the real fracking idiots and yes, of course, The Guardian plays host to one:

If a political cell were to threaten to poison our drinking water by setting off depth charges near subterranean faultlines, and then further threatened to pump in radioactive isotopes, should such a cell be asked to help compile the government report into their activities?

Dear God. The radioactivity doesn’t come from what people are pumping down into those holes. It comes from the natural radioactivity that is there in the rock down at the bottom of those holes. Said radioactivity around and about the same as you find from sitting on a Cornish hill top. For rock is naturally radioactive (yes, all of it) and so is your veg patch and so is the very bed you sleep in each night. As are you, bananas and Brazil nuts.

I’ve no problem with people being for or against fracking. Let’s get the arguments out in the open and discuss them. But can we leave the teenagers at home pease and confine the discussions to the adults who know what they’re talking about?


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