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The government are spying on Susan Sarandon

by | 25th, April 2012

SPIES! They’re everywhere! Sometimes, they’re found rotting in a holdall in their house, just waiting for someone to make a really exciting film about them! However, some spies are invariably pretty boring, sat at their desk, listening in and compiling really rather dull dossiers.

And that’s what’s happening with Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore ALLEGEDLY. Please don’t ship us all off to Guantanamo please Uncle Sam. We love your rock ‘n’ roll and junk food! Honestly we do.

Now we’ve got the whole of America off our back, we can now talk freely. Those spying grease hampers are bugging Sarandon and Moore like they’re Big Brother or something. Their mucky, blood-stained paws are wasting time spying on people who live their lives in the public eye when they could be out poking Russians with poison-tipped umbrellas.

During a Q&A at the Tribeca Film Festival, the two famed political activists were asked if they are “under surveillance,” by the government. Sarandon told the inquisitive audience member:

“We know we’re under surveillance. I’ve had my phone tapped. I was denied a security clearance to go to the White House and I don’t know why.”

Of course, Susan didn’t go into detail because she’s probably going to write a book on it all or make a daytime TV drama about the whole thing. Meanwhile, Moore says he’s been a victim of being spied on by the government as well. The documentary film maker says he has been the target of a “disinformation campaign,” controlled by powerful members of the federal government.

“I was told this by some people in the Bush administration. They went bonkers when Fahrenheit [911] came out and thought it would throw the election to Kerry.”

Crivens! Maybe these two will end up forced into a sportsbag? Well, maybe not Moore. He’s a big lad. Maybe a piano box or something.


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