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Vanity Fair sicks it to Rebekah Brooks

by | 12th, May 2012

REBEKAH Brooks’ stint in the forensic chair at Leveson drew attention to Vanity Fair – and how a report it ran back in February, on her mysterious rise to power and her reported peacemaker role between Rupert and James Murdoch as Hackgate kicked in, was (she said) a load of cobblers. Or words to that effect.

I must commend the glossy for its slickly lethal response to Brooks’ dismissal of its credibility (and marketing opportunism). It has put up a short report on proceedings at the Royal Courts of Justice with a transcript of her denial that she ever played Kissinger between king and heir. The writer is amused by Brooks’ ‘white Peter Pan collar’ and an evocation of ‘Winona Ryder’s court costume as imagined by Tim Burton.’ Others have likened Rebekah’s appearance to one of the Salem witches.
Whatever else Brooks’ fate, fashion death has been pronounced.

The magazine has also helpfully included a link to its February report ‘Untangling Rebekah Brooks’. The words salt and wound come to mind. Perhaps less endearing is the magazine’s patronising invitation to watch a video of Brooks’ display of selective amnesia and photographic recall – it’s ‘all quite entertainingly British.’ Doncha know.

Vanity Fair Leveson/Brooks revenge report, click here

Vanity Fair: Untangling Rebekah Brooks, click here

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