Anorak News | Victory for Martha Payne: politicians and media screw bureaucrats

Victory for Martha Payne: politicians and media screw bureaucrats

by | 15th, June 2012

YOU may or may not have been aware of the story of young Martha Payne. 9 year old up in Jockland who started posting pictures of her school lunches to her blog. You know the sort of thing, still live haggis with deep fried neeps. A decent backgrounder here.

But what you really want to read is this and this. How Argyll and Bute banend her from taking pictures in the dinner hall.

The first is the response of some twattish jobsworth in the union or the bureaucracy snarling at the temerity of anyone at all critiquing their serving up of whatever the hell is easiest for them.

The second is the response of a politician who knows that we can, indeed will, fire him unless he does something sharpish.

And we can also time to the exact minute when it was obvious to everyone except that knob of a bureaucrat when Martha was going to win.

Having just heard the BBC R4 Today item (at about 7.20 – 7.25) on Martha’s ‘termination’

Sure, social media, the odd newspaper story, these help, they help to determine the issues that Today will cover. But Martha was going to win from the moment that, at 07.20.01 or so, the script had something like “And now a story about a 9 year old schoolgirl in Scotland”. For it’s the most basic rule of British politics that you just don’t mess with the Today programme.

Not even if you are a pillock of a schools bureaucrat in Argyll and Bute.

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