Anorak News | Where in hell do you want the Greenland mining pollution then, Greenpeace?

Where in hell do you want the Greenland mining pollution then, Greenpeace?

by | 1st, August 2012

FROM the annals of really pig ignorant stupid environmentalism, we bring you a Greenpeace expert:

Jon Burgwald, an Arctic expert at Greenpeace, said that mining operations can bring pollution and destruction: “There could be some very harsh environmental consequences.”

Go on:

Mikkel Myrup, chair of the Greenlandic environmental campaigning group Akavaq, said that dealing with waste and “tailings” from the mines would be a key concern, as well as handling the toxic chemicals that are used in some forms of mining. “Mining does not have the same risks as oil drilling, but mining can be very hazardous to the environment. It’s a real worry, and we don’t think that the Greenlandic government has the capabilities to regulate this in the way that’s needed – they can’t stand up to these multinational companies. The public haven’t been given the full picture,” he said from his office in Nuuk, Greenland’s only town of any size, with 15,000 inhabitants.

They’re talking about the idea of mining for rare earth elements in Greenland. Large deposits have been found (and I should declare an interest, I know one of the blokes involved but do not do business with them).

So, we need the rare earths because they’re the metals that will make this lovely low carbon world of ours work. We need lanthanum for the batteries, neodimium and dysprosium for the magnets for the windmills, terbium for the compact fluorescent light bulbs. Excellent, so, we’ve got to go mining for these things.

Mining does cause pollution, yes. Girt big holes in the Earth (“raping Gaia” even!) and piles of rubble left over afterwards. But we need to do this to save the planet.

And Greenpeace is complaining about doing this is Greenland? A place where no fucker lives and where there aren’t even and damn animals to piss off? The interior of Greenland is one of the most lifeless places on the entire planet. There’s more animal and vegetable life in the middle of a Kalahari sand dune than there is there.

So, if pollution there’s going to be then that’s where it should be, right? Yet these tossers are complaining about it?

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