Anorak News | Let’s beat climate change: get fracking in Blackpool!

Let’s beat climate change: get fracking in Blackpool!

by | 8th, August 2012

YOU may have noticed that one company claims to have found large amounts of shale gas underneath Blackpool. Cuadrilla Resources says that there’s untold trillions of cubic feet of gas down there. Enough to keep us all warm and toasty and lit for decades at the top end of their estimations.

You might also have noticed the screaming hordes of hippies demanding that such must be left in the ground. Which is odd really:

“Natural-gas generation is becoming the preferred generation of choice since it’s cheaper and more efficient, more flexible and environmentally cleaner than coal,” Jack Fusco, chief executive officer of Houston-based Calpine, said during a July 27 conference call with analysts. “Coal-fired generation is in a secular decline, facing pressure from both environmental regulations and lower natural-gas prices.”

The expansion of gas production from shale using technology known as fracking has pushed prices down 69 percent over the past four years.

This has also led to the US actually reducing its CO2 emissions in recent years. No, really, American emissions are falling as a result of this fracking.

So it’s really very difficult indeed to see what all the whining is about. Falling emissions AND cheaper fuel and electricity? What’s not to like?

So why don’t we save both civilisation and the environment by getting on with fracking? After all, if it all goes wrong all we’re going to lose is Blackpool anyway.

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