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Why that GM gives everyone cancer paper is rubbish

by | 23rd, September 2012

SO, yesterday I pointed out that no scientists worth their salt were prepared to back the research paper that claimed that GM corn produces cancer in lab rats.

Given that the “research” was very shoddily done by a known crank on the subject, one who had already been told off for his “research methods” this isn’t all that much of a surprise.

However, the story actually does get better. I phoned up the company that he bought his rats from. And they also produce a large amount of the food that lab rats around the world are fed on. And guess what? The lab chow that they make for lab rats has had GM in it for the past decade and more. They don’t make any distinction, GM or not, when they buy. And in the US that means absolutely that you’re buying GM corn.

So, all US (at least!) lab rats have been fed on GM products for the last decade. So, if the effect that they claim exists then absolutely everyone else should have found all of their lab rats were getting cancer much more than they used to. All labs that use the things would be reporting this.

And as they aren’t……

Yes, quite, it’s all a load of woo isn’t it?


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