Anorak News | April Jones: media ‘buzzards’ feast on Machynlleth

April Jones: media ‘buzzards’ feast on Machynlleth

by | 5th, October 2012

SUSAN Lee writes of April Jones in the Liverpool Echo of the people looking for the missing five-year-old:

But while we shake our heads in sorrowful disbelief there is comfort, albeit small, to be drawn from this terrible episode and it is this: there is more good in the world than bad.

Machynlleth has proved it.

What? The despair of a small town’s residents looking for a lost child is a sign that humanity is ok? The kidnap and possible murder of a child carries a message? Machynlleth stands for nothing other than filler in a hack’s comment page.

Sturdy Blog notes:

This is a village in grief. Denial is a perfectly legitimate first stage to dealing with it. Like wicked buzzards the media appears to be saying: “Excuse me, but we’re on a schedule here. Could you get on with it? We would like good close-up shots of anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance before the day is out. Thanks.”

How about leaving them the hell alone? Anyone with a shred of humanity? No.

Kay Burley was intruding. She was not showing. She was telling. She became the story. We are keen to see. But the 24-hours news cycle creates its own narrative. The grieving are reduced to actors in the rolling show and those edited highlights packages.


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A black and white missing appeal poster, to help find missing five year old April Jones, who was abducted while out playing near her home in the Bryn Y Gog estate in Machynlleth, Mid Wales, last night.

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