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Why is childcare so expensive in Britain? Because the law is dumb

by | 9th, January 2013

NOT that you’d need to be all that intelligent to grasp this particular point.

You’ll have heard it said that the UK has the most expensive childcare in Europe. Heck, the World, Galaxy, Milky Way. This leading inevitably to the conclusion that more money must be ripped off people without children to be spent on caring for the snotbreeders of others.

But the obvious question is, why is childcare so expensive here? Given that my daughter does this for a living I know it’s not because the child carers are getting high wages. So, why?

Childminders and nurseries will be able to double the number of children they look after under radical plans to cut care bills for working families.

Ministers are considering a move to copy French childcare rules where each member of staff can look after up to eight children. In England the limit is just four toddlers.

It is hoped that reducing the red-tape burden on employers will help to bring down childcare bills which sees British parents spending more than a quarter of their income on looking after their children.

Oh, right. You mean its the government regulations that make it all so damn expensive then? And we could halve the cost just by changing the regulations?
But, but, think of the children! Their child care will become worse!
To which anyone who has actually observed French children in the wild will say bollocks. They sit still, eat what they’re told to and listen attentively to the instructions of adults. And it’s cheaper to boot.
Sounds like a plan really.
Image:Prince Andrew, six months old, sits in the arms of his nanny Mabel Anderson as she carries him to the train at King’s Cross Station, London. He was travelling to Balmoral, Scotland, where he will spend the summer holiday with his parents, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.┬áDate: 12/08/1960./ He had a nanny all to himself.

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