Anorak News | Why do men fight and struggle to get rich? Answer: the babes

Why do men fight and struggle to get rich? Answer: the babes

by | 13th, March 2013

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WHY do men fight to get rich? Because it gets the babes. Here’s George Soros and his former lover Adriana Ferreyr:

Soros’ papers state: ‘Soros and Ferreyr…engaged in a physically intimate relationship over the course of several years. [They] continued to date other people.

‘[At the time of the alleged assault in 2010] Soros was approximately 80 years old, and Ferreyr was approx 27 years old.’

This particular story is all about how it broke up when he wouldn’t buy her a flat and so on but the background to it does indeed tell why men will struggle to get rich. Simply because it gets them babes.
Status is indeed what gets babes: and in our current society having wads of cash does indeed indicate status. In other places and at other times other things will or do indicate status. The quarterback of the American High School football team always gets his pick. When we were a warrior society so did the warrirors. It’s the lead singer and the guitarist in bands that get the pick of the groupies: the drummer and bassist are left fighting over the fat bird with spots.
And we could of course insist that this is all terribly demeaning and feminism should mean that society no longer works along these lines. Which is just lovely: but the truth is that it is women who by their actions cause these very things. If the babes didn’t put out for men of status then men wouldn’t bother to fight for status to get babes. If gold watches and expensive champagne didn’t attract the gold diggers then many fewer men would bother to work as bankers.
In short, it would be a much less aggressive and cut-throat world if women wouldnm’t offer sex to men who are aggressive and cut-throat. It’s all in your….well, not your hands but you know what I mean…..ladies.

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