Anorak News | So why the heck do they want to build Bentleys in Bratislava?

So why the heck do they want to build Bentleys in Bratislava?

by | 20th, March 2013

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HOT in from the Mail we have the news that VW are thinking of building their new Bentley SUV in Bratislava in Slovakia. And why in Buggery would anyone want to do that?

Bentley may build its new luxury off-roader in Bratislava rather than Britain, the firm’s bosses have revealed.

In a dramatic blow to its 4,000-strong British work-force – and to Chancellor George Osborne ahead of today’s Budget – the firm’s German chiefs announced at their annual results conference in London that they were considering manufacturing the £150,000 4X4 in the  Slovakian capital in Eastern Europe.

Hmm. That Bentleys are now (well, maybe) being going to be built by bands of roaming gypsies might upset the traditionalists. But why is it that this measure is being discussed?

Cheaper labour rates in Slovakia and ‘uncertainty’ over whether Britain will remain in the European Union if there is a referendum were counting against the British case, bosses said.

Well, sorta. Maybe. But that’s not the real reason. That real one being one that they really don’t want people talking about which is why they’re not being open and obvious about it:

If production is moved to Bratislava, the new Bentley 4X4 will  be built alongside other cars belonging to the Volkswagen Group such as the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 and Volkswagen Touareg.

That’s the real reason. The Porsche, Audi and VW are actually all the same damn car as the new Bentley. Sure, they put different bodies on them, different range of engines and give you more expensive leather and carpets: but underneath, the chassis, the “platform” of the car in the parlance, are all actually the same damn thing. And they’d really rather that no one noticed that.
So, despite it making obvious sense to make the same car in its four variations at the same place they’re not actually going to tell anyone that. Because, well, who would then pay £150,000 for a Bentley 4×4 when you can get the same damn car as a VW for £100,000 less? Better to wibble about labour rates than risk that happening, eh?

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