Anorak News | Hurrah! Britain is the world’s best at manufacturing something!

Hurrah! Britain is the world’s best at manufacturing something!

by | 15th, May 2013

ISNT this just wonderful?

Britain is the world’s leading exporter of power generators, as they are seen as manufacturers of the “best quality and are the most reliable”, according to latest research.

Superb eh? And doesn’t that just put the lie to the idea that Maggie Thatcher killed of all our manufacturing?

The UK currently has a fifth of the electric generator export market globally, marginally ahead of its nearest rival China.

Diesel or bi-fuel generating-sets are often used as backup or emergency power when the mains system fails, or to provide energy in remote areas off-grid.

The only slight problem we’ve got is that off course we’re going to have to stop exporting these things pretty soon. As all that greenery of windmills and solar cells means we’re going to start getting power cuts in a couple of years.

Still, nice to know that we can manufacture our own solutions to this problem. Although I do have a slight worry: are we absolutely certain that replacing efficient coal and gas power plants with derv driven generators does in fact save carbon emissions?


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