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Have more sex: you’ll earn more money!

by | 19th, August 2013

1284784534373_2459216HAVE more sex to earn more money. That’s what seems to be the message of this new economics paper. People who have more sex earn more money than those who have less sex:

Using two stage estimations we examine the relationship between adult sexual activity and wages. We estimate that there is a monotonic relationshipbetween the frequency of sexual activity and wage returns, whilst the returns to sexual activity are higher for those between 26 and 50 years of age.

They really have found that those who shag more get more money. So the obvious recommendation is that you should shag four times a week or more and then the boss will give you a pay rise.

We can think of reasons why this might be true too. Those who get more sex are likely to be happier, happier people work better. Even if you do sex badly and quickly it’s still exercise and those who exercise more are likely to be healthier and thus also earn more.

One idea they don’t explore but which could be important is that those who shag their bosses are also likely to earn more. But that’s naughty and also possibly illegal so we shouldn’t suggest that.

However, there’s something else that we know which rather cast doubt on which way this works. That is that we do already know that good looking people earn more money. This is true of both men and women. And it’s not entirely a stretch to think that good looking people have more sex: they’re certainly going to get more offers at least. So it might just be that good looking people get more of both money and sex rather than more sex gaining us more money. Sadly.

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