Anorak News | The Daily Mail defines Apple’s massive iPhone 5c failure for us

The Daily Mail defines Apple’s massive iPhone 5c failure for us

by | 15th, October 2013


OR rather, the Mail might want to try and find a different measure of failure. For Apple has, as we all know, released two new iPhones, the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s. Which seem to be selling pretty well: they shifted 9 million pieces over their first weekend which is many, many, more than they’ve done in the first few days of any other iPhone model. But here’s the Mail:

Is the iPhone5C a failure? Apple ‘halves’ production and slashes the price of its handset in China due to ‘dismal sales’

Disaster, eh? So what is this halving of production?

Apple may have smashed its own sales records in September by selling nine million handsets in just three days, but figures do not appear to have remained anywhere near that high since.

An inside source has told Chinese website C Technology sales of the cheaper iPhone 5C have been ‘dismal’ and Apple has halved production of the plastic model as a result.

The suppliers claim they have gone from making 300,000 handsets a day, on average, to just 150,000 and there are also reports prices are dropping across the region in a bid to attract buyers.

Well, let’s think about this for a moment. When you first start making a product, or at least if you’re Apple and you do, then you ramp up production before and at release. Because you know damn well that everyone and their dog is going to be hammering on the doors for that new product. Excellent. So, what do you then do a couple of weeks after you’ve launched? Right, exactly, you pull back from all that expensive overtime to get that first flood of product out the door. You can let everyone return to more reasonable working hours and a more reasonable pace of work.

But do still note something else. They’re still making 150,000 a day: that’s over 50 million a year. There’s no other model of phone that comes anywhere close to those sorts of sales numbers you know. No, not even Samsung’s Galaxy IV. WEll, except for Apple’s iPhone 5s, or perhaps the iPhone 4 might still be selling in those sorts of numbers.

Which means that the Mail is defining failure of Apple’s iPhone 5c as being either the second or third best selling phone in the world. Tough crowd to impress over there at Rothermere Towers, ain’t they?

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