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London Slaves: Giggles And Oh-Shits About The Culty Three

by | 26th, November 2013


THERE’S been a certain amount of giggling about those three slaves that were liberated in London. It turns out that they were not in fact slaves, not anything like it, they were however the remnants of one of London’s more insane Maoist communes. The leader of that commune being on Comrade Bala who was, if the stories are correct, the inspiration for Wolfie Smith in the TV comedy, Citizen Smith. This has all been going on a long time.

However, after the giggles comes the shits problem. The shits being those who would capitalise on this affair to pass a deeply troubling and illiberal law. I’ve a long piece on it here.

The short version of it is that yes, of course, we’d all like to make sure that we’ve good and strong laws against slavery. However, what we’re going to get is a harsh and strong law about something entirely different.

Think back to what happened when we were all talking about sex slavery: the vile idea that people are held captive and then repeatedly raped. We had various people, Eavis, the Poppy Project, Julie Bindel and the vile Dennis MacShane popping up to tell us that tens of thousands of women were so enslaved. We then had Operation Pentameter that went looking for them. And when every police force in the country went looking they managed to find not one single person they could prosecute for holding someone in sexual slavery.

What had actually happened is that Poppy, MacShane and the rest were all claiming that a foreigner being a tart was proof perfect of her being a slave. Ignoring the idea that people can and do move across borders voluntarily to work as prostitutes.

And the worry here is the same: that the new law is not going to concern itself solely with actual and real slaves but with immigrants, both legal and not. They’ll use the furore about slavery to impose draconian laws on us all.

It’s straight out of the usual political campaigning handbook but that doesn’t mean we can’t tell them to fu*k ’emselves.

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