Anorak News | ‘Devil Baby’ Spooks Unsuspecting New Yorkers

‘Devil Baby’ Spooks Unsuspecting New Yorkers

by | 16th, January 2014

RECENTLY, a few well-meaning New Yorkers stopped to check on a crying baby in an abandoned stroller and got seriously spooked when a hideous demonic baby shot straight up from beneath the blankets.

Fortunately, the grotesque “devil baby” wasn’t real, it was simply an animatronic one rolling around in a remote-controlled buggy for an elaborate hidden camera stunt to promote the upcoming horror flick, Devil’s Due.

This stunt is the work of a viral marketing company called Thinkmodo, the same group who created the very popular promo for the remake of the movie, Carrie.


Devil Baby

photo via Thinkmodo


All good stuff. And interesting to see that Davros’ kid is getting into showbiz. It was ever about nepotism, darlings…

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