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Abu Hamza’s Family Deserve All The British Benefits They Can Get

by | 21st, May 2014



THE Daily Mail is on one of its head explodey little warpaths shouting about how the family of Abu Hookand (aka Abu Hamza) live off state benefits. But if they are in fact British then why the hell shouldn’t they get the same benefits, rights to them, as any other British people?

There was growing anger last night that Abu Hamza’s family are continuing to be bankrolled by the British public.

As the hate preacher was convicted of 11 terror offences in the U.S., it emerged his wife and children are still being housed at an extortionate cost in one of the most upmarket areas of the country.

It is thought the family have cost taxpayers more than £3million in benefits and social housing, as well as legal fees for Hamza and his sons.

Hamza’s second wife Najat Mostafa, 55, with whom he has seven children, lives in a £1.25 million five-bedroom council house in Shepherd’s Bush, West London – an area popular with bankers and City lawyers.

Last night, neighbours said they were ‘sickened’ the family were continuing to benefit from state handouts.

Maybe there shouldn’t be such benefits available to anyone. Maybe they should be: but that’s a very different argument from the one that the Mail is pushing here. Which is that entirely innocent people should be singled out for different treatment simply because they are related to a crook.

No one would argue that the family of a murderer, a paedo or a rapist should be denied housing benefit or a council house. The individual who committed the crime? Perhaps: but those not brought before a judge and jury and not convicted of anything? Nope, no way, the very foundation of the British system is that we are all equal before the law. No exceptions.

As it happens Hookhand arrived in this country and married an Englishwoman. That would be enough to gain him the UK passport (under the old rules which then applied). Divorced and married again meaning that his current Moroccan born wife gets the UK passport even if she didn’t get it any other way as well. And the kids were all born here.

They’re British, they have the same rights as the rest of us however stupidly appalling and vicious Hookhand himself is.

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