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No More Boob Jobs On The NHS!

by | 18th, June 2014



NO more breast augmentation operations will be available on the NHS. At least that’s the promise, that there should be no more fittings of Bulgarian Airbags, or boob jobs, on the NHS.

Cosmetic surgery should not be paid for by the taxpayer, Jeremy Hunt said today in a clampdown on NHS spending.

The Health Secretary said he could understand public anger at high profile cases of breast enlargements, dental work and slimming treatments being offered by the health service.

Mr Hunt insisted that all decisions must be taken on ‘clinical need’ and public money must not be used to pay for surgery just to improve someone’s looks.

Of course, this doesn’t cover women getting reconstruction work after surgery for breast cancer. Or anyone at all who the doctor says is being made really miserable by not having the cosmetic surgery done. Which means that this changes absolutely nothing in fact for the NHS doesn’t do purely cosmetic surgery anyway.

Sure, we get the stories of people getting a boob job on the NHS but that is because a doctor has already said that they’ll be really, really, sad, if they don’t.

It’s a bit like abortions in fact. The law actually says that there’s a few tests that must be met before one can be performed. But all the doctors say that “I don’t want it” is sufficient to meet those tests: which isn’t what the law itself says at all. So, effectively we have abortion on demand when the law doesn’t say we do.

So it is with cosmetic surgery. If a doctor says that it’s not really cosmetic, that it’s about your fragile mental state for example, then you can still have the operation.

And then there’s this little story:

 A woman who says her huge 38KK breasts are ruining her life is outraged after being denied surgery to reduce them on the NHS.

Kim Mills, 32, has been refused the operation even though she claims her enormous chest has caused arthritis of the spine.

The mother-of-two has even lost 4st in a bid to shrink her chest – but it failed to help.

Well, yes, but there’s probably another 10 to 15 kg that could be usefully lost there as well in general. And it’s probably right that the NHS doesn’t do anything until that extra porkiness is lost before deciding whether to pay for anything further.

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