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Surprise! Union Think Tank Says Unions Should Have More Power!

by | 3rd, July 2014

THIS really is a turn up for the books. A union funded and financed think tank has decided to reveal to the world that the cure for all that ails us is that unions should have more industrial and political power. Just allow the shades of the recently departed Bob Crow to have their way and everything would be peachy.

No, really, I’m not joking either:

This paper argues that we must now recreate a movement with the political and social influence that enabled the former labour movement to achieve the major reductions in inequality during the middle decades of the 20th Century. A fairer and more sustainable future is possible.

Well, OK, mebbe that makes sense and mebbe it doesn’t. It would depend upon the evidence that is used to make the argument in the end. And perhaps why that argument is being made.

Which brings us to the people who are making the argument: Class, a newish think tank called the Centre for Labour and Social Studies. They’re not exactly impartial on this point and to prove that here’s the list of the people that finance them:

The Centre for Labour and Social Studies is currently funded by the following trade unions:

Musicians’ Union
Unite the Union

Yeah: you can see how they’d not be advising that the unions are the root of all evil really, can’t you?

But sadly this is the way that politics is actually done these days. Pressure group (of any stripe, business does this as well, although perhaps rather less than the usual lefties) gets someone, anyone, to issue a report that agrees that the pressure group is very important and must be listened to. Politicians listen and laws get made. All without anyone at all actually considering the point of it all.

It’s just not a great way to run a country.

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