Anorak News | Now We Can Grow A Penis In A Laboratory Too

Now We Can Grow A Penis In A Laboratory Too

by | 7th, October 2014

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Exciting news for the spam filters on our email: scientists have revealed that they can now grow a penis in a laboratory. Just think what’s going to happen when the mass marketers get ahold of that idea: if you thought that pills to increase size were heavily marketed you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Scientists have successfully grown penises in a laboratory and say they could be tested on humans within five years.

The organs would be used to help men who have suffered a serious injury to the region, had surgery for cancer or are suffering from a congenital abnormality.

The work is being carried out the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, North Carolina.

This is, of course, serious medicine, not just the opportunity for some poor taste jokes. And this lab is also where, as Anorak has already reported, they have grown artificial vaginas to implant into those women born without one. that work has already been successful with at least four women, erm, roadtesting the new implants.

PSST! Want to buy a vagina? Four women born with an underdeveloped or absent vagina have been living with artificial ones for the past four years.

But this wouldn’t be the Anorak if we did allow such an opportunity to make a poor taste joke pass us by. So we should perhaps celebrate this not as an advance in restorative medicine but instead as the solution to that dreadful shortage of politicians that we suffer from. Never again can there be a shortage of dicks and cunts to rule over us.

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