Anorak News | Trump v Who? The electorate lose again as Hillary vanishes

Trump v Who? The electorate lose again as Hillary vanishes

by | 10th, October 2016

How did the second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton go? Trump is a nutzoid candidate. Clinton is a really poor one. American decides which of these two sub-par candidates gets to be President.

The Press are obsessed with Trump. If we looks at today’s headlines, Trump features before Clinton every time. Most often, Clinton is not mentioned.


Trump v Clinton

Islands in the stream…


The Times: “Unrepentant Trump comes out swinging”. The paper brands it an”unremittingly ugly presidential debate”. the paper concludes: “Neither candidate landed a killer blow. The biggest loser, it seemed, was the electorate who must choose between them.”

Too right. The leader of the free world will either be a cock-unsure reality TV creation or someone who seems to have an elastic relationship with the truth. “Mrs Clinton stumbled when she compared her honesty to that of Abraham Lincoln, drawing sniggers from the audience,” says the paper.

The Sun: “‘YOU’LL GO TO JAIL IF I’M PRESIDENT’ – Donald Trump threatens Hillary Clinton with PRISON over email scandal after brushing off attack over tape of his lewd comments on women”

In a stunningly brazen move just hours before debate Trump met publicly with several women who have accused Bill Clinton of unwanted sexual advances and even rape


Trump Clinton grope


The Guardian: “Donald Trump uses second debate to threaten Hillary Clinton with jail”

It all seems to be about stopping Trump rather than agreeing with Clinton or analysing policies and records. One Guardian writer opines: “That banging sound you heard were the last nails being hammered into the coffin of the Trump campaign.”

The Guardian’s live blog of the televised event tells readers: “Don’t miss this roundup of reaction from Guardian opinion writers. Great first lines here:

That banging sound you heard were the last nails being hammered into the coffin of the Trump campaign.


If there was a theme for Trump this evening, it would be aggressive desperation.


Trump succeeded, and he succeeded before the first question was even asked.

And, simply:

Donald Trump lost tonight’s debate.

Trump, Trump, Trump and Trump. Was Clinton there?

Trump Clinton grope


The Mirror says Hillary Clinton won the debate, mainly because Trump was damaged.

Tim Stanley in the Telegraph:

So the evening began with Clinton in control. She made her pitch to be a healer; she ran off a checklist of people Trump has insulted (it’s amusingly long – only the left handed and the Welsh are missing). But when the debate moved on she didn’t seem to keep up. Her answers on medical reform and foreign policy were good, but there was too much smiling and listening to Donald rant with weary patience. All the while that she spoke, he prowled around the room like a caged tiger – which meant that even when Hillary was talking, one’s eyes were on him. And when the moderators took it upon themselves to start fact-checking his statements – and Trump feigned outrage – the debate turned into “An Evening with Donald Trump.”

On Powerline we read that Trump won: “Some of the rats might want to consider returning to the ship. Donald Trump came through pretty well tonight, mainly because the focus was on the issues. As long as issues are being discussed, Trump wins.”

Stephen Green: “It’s clear that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump loathe each other. Instead of a 90 minute town hall format, there’s no doubt that both candidates would eagerly agree to a debate held in a Roman Colosseum, to the death…And, yes, we would be entertained.”


Bill Clinton debate


Meanwhile over in Russia you can hear the laughing….

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