Anorak News | Fake News: Channel 4 names wrong man as Westminster Bridge terror attacker

Fake News: Channel 4 names wrong man as Westminster Bridge terror attacker

by | 22nd, March 2017

No sooner had a lunatic murdered a policeman and two others in Westminster, London, before being shot dead by police, than the mainstream media raced to see which of them could be first to name the alleged killer.

Channel 4 news was fast from the traps. Abu Izzadeen, also known as Trevor Brooks, was allegedly named as the person responsible by Channel 4. But his lawyer says he is in prison. There’s no way it was him. Whoops!

No sooner had one news source delivered the ‘facts’ than others rehashed Channel 4’s report and without bothering to check its veracity beamed it to their audiences. The media went full Trump!

The Indy dived in, allegedly mistakenly naming the alleged killer:


westminster wrong killer bridge terro

Unilad spread the wrong news:


westminster bridge attack


Lots more publishers joined in.

MaCleans in Canada even added a bit about the police “confirming” the alleged killer’s alleged identity. We’ve not seen police do anything of the sort.


trevor brooks wrong westminster

trevor brooks wrong westminster


On Twitter, voices called for circumspection, respect for the victims and to wait for the police to tell us more.


westminster bridge attack


And then Channel 4 began to sweat:


westminster wrong killer bridge terro



No need for facts. No need for fact-checking. Has Channel 4 been hacked by the Russians? Is Sean Spicer, the White House  spokesman, moonlighting as editor? Is Channel 4 discredited, indecent and dire?



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