Anorak News | Man found with arm inside cow’s anus banned from every farm in the country

Man found with arm inside cow’s anus banned from every farm in the country

by | 3rd, February 2018

John Curno, 80, has been found guilty of two counts of outraging public decency. Last summer, Mr Curno was seen “talking” to a herd of 150 cows and masturbating in meadows at Park Lodge Farm in Uxbridge. Susan Howie, who runs the farm with her husband Ian, told Uxbridge Magistrates Court that on two occasions she spotted Curno molesting her cattle. Other witnesses claim to have seen Curno push his entire left arm into a cow’s rear end before masturbating.

“The cows are left unattended in the field especially in the summer we leave them in there day and night,” said Mrs Howie. “I went out in my white pick up truck and the gentleman was with a cow, he had his left hand interfering with the cow and his right hand on a part of his lower body, his shirt was covering it. He was masturbating you could see it moving up and down and his trousers and his boxer shorts were at his ankles. He stopped and looked up, he grabbed his boxers and his trousers and ran to the stile. I was disgusted, we gave nobody permission to touch or interfere with our cows, it might seem funny to you but they are family they are not just cows.”

How does one gain permission for such things? That’s moot.

Of another time, she recalls:  “It was 8.30pm and we were running a bit late with the milking. It was the same field as before, this time he had had his whole hand in the cow.”

“I’m not a violent person, I have a weakness with animals,” Curno reportedly told police when arrested.

At Uxbridge Magistrates Court, Chair of the Bench Michael Akers told Curno that sentencing had been adjourned until next month. In the meanwhile, Curno is banned from every farm with animals in the country.

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