Anorak News | British tourist jailed for Facebook ‘sex’ party

British tourist jailed for Facebook ‘sex’ party

by | 20th, March 2018

Daniel Jones has been on remand in a Cambodia prison for one month and 22 days. Today he received his sentence for using “pornographic” images to advertise a pool party: he will serve a one-year suspended prison sentence. That’s the maximum sentence.


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A Cambodian police handout picture features people appearing to imitate lustful acts at a party. The accused claim the photo is years old and does not feature them.


Jones, 31, was one of 10 non-Cambodian nationals nicked during a police raid on a pool party and drinks do in Siem Reap on 25 January. The event was trailed on Facebook as “Let’s Get Wet”. Jones says the promotion featured no nudity – and given Facebook’s often arcane ‘Community Guidelines’, that’s easy to believe. Facebook can block users for all manner of ills, not least of all posting a drawing of a human hand. But Cambodian prosecutors said the photos were illegal and damaging to Cambodian culture.

Judge Um Chan Thol ruled that Jones had “unintentionally produced pornography that affects Khmer culture”.┬áThe other nine accused of offending Cambodian morals also denied any wrongdoing. They were deported after charges against them were dropped.

Cambodia is now made pure. Incidentally, this is what Human Rights Watch says of the place:

Prime Minister Hun Sen, a former Khmer Rouge commander, has been in power since 1985. His rule has relied on security force violence and politically motivated persecution of opposition members, activists, and human rights workers. Security forces commit killings and torture with impunity. Authorities regularly restrict the right to peaceful assembly by suppressing protests and banning nonviolent gatherings and processions. The politically powerful have carried out forced evictions and illegal land grabs for decades. Government officials and judges are mired in corruption. Garment industry workers, primarily women, are subject to sexual discrimination and other rights abuses.

But that’s alright. It’s that Facebook photo that really causes problems.

Message to holidaymakers: if you really want to get wet on holiday, try Blackpool in April.

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