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Betting on Germany to win the World Cup

by | 3rd, March 2018

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Germany is one of the most powerful teams in the world. In Brazil they proved to be an unstoppable machine. The players were on a level superior to any other team. The work that Joachim Löw has done all these years with Germany has been incredible, since Germany did not win a world cup since 1990. When Germany won in Brazil, it was shown to the world that the team was back and in the best shape. But can they do it again for the World Cup 2018 in Russia?

Reviewing the story: Germany and the World Cups

Germany has won the FIFA World Cup 4 times. The first was in 1954 (in Switzerland) against Hungary 3-2; the second World Cup at home was in 1974 (in Germany) against Holland 2-1; the third one was in 1990 (in Italy) against Argentina 1-0; and as we all know in 2014, Germany returned to beat Argentina 1-0 to stay with another World Cup.

The real possibilities of Germany: An impressive squad

Germany has almost completed the list of players that will be in the World Cup, thanks to the diversity of players that Germany has the possibilities of building a solid team strategically based on the best players in the country, for example we can build a team with: Neuer, Hector, Hummels, Boateng, Kimmich, Kross (who may join Paris and Neymar next season), Khedira, Reus, Ozil, Muller, Werner or Gomez. This option is one of the most likely with some modifications.

The game of Germany has always been solid, this year, the team had some friendlies matches in March 2018. The first was against Brazil, the surprise of Germany was having lost by a single goal against Brazil, but the advantage was in favor of Brazil since Germany did not have the best players available, they are only trying new strategies and different players, despite everything they could keep the result 1-0.

The last friendly was against Spain, the match ended 1-1. This match was more leveled, since Germany and Spain used most of the players that will be available in the World Cup. Spain had in the field of play Iniesta, Isco, Pique, among others.

Joachim Löw did not want Germany to show all its power in the friendlies, after finishing third in Eurocup, the mystery has been increasing in terms of the line-up that Germany showed in the World Cup.

The group of Germany in the world cup: Easy to move to the next round.

Germany is very lucky in Group F, it is a relatively easy group, but the teams within the group do not want to lose the matches, since Mexico and Sweden usually play with everything until the last minute, especially Sweden, the Swedish team is one of the most dangerous with 11 participations in the world cup, in addition they were the culprits of which Italy remained without World Cup after more than 50 years.

In Bet365 and other bookies Germany is offered with an average of 1.33 in odds, it is an offer for Germany to finish first in the group or winner of Group F. The other interesting bet is whether Germany would pass to the next round Yes / No, 1.08 and 8.00, the option of Do not pay up to £ 800 pounds if Germany does not move to the next round, but it is unlikely.

The odds in the bookies: Germany is almost favorite

Germany is offered as the winner of the world cup with 5.50 in odds. It is not the first option in most of the bookies since Brazil is a renewed team that has shown power and has better strategy. The only problem is that Germany is a much better team than Brazil. The third team is Spain with 7.00 odds, France with 7.50 and Argentina with 10.00.

The best betting options for Germany in the World Cup.

Straight Winner: 5.50 in odds, Germany has high potential to win the world cup, this offer in odds is one of the highest for Germany in the world cup.

Runner Up: 6.50 second place is not a bad idea, the offer is in almost all bookies like Bet365, Ladbrokes and William Hill, but losing the final is below 50% chance for Germany.

Group 1-2: This option is tempting, the combination goes from Germany – Mexico or Sweden – Germany, among other combinations. The punter must predict who will be the first and second place in Group F where Germany is. The most likely is Germany – Sweden in 3.25 odds.

To reach the finals (Finalists): Germany – Brazil is one of the likely ones, with 13.00 in odds it is one of the most likely options to become a World Cup final, the second option but less likely is Germany – Argentina with a price of 41.00 in odds.

Reach the final (single team): Similar to the previous bet, but the punter should only predict if Germany reached the final, with 3.25 in odds is a reasonable option, Germany can reach the final, win or lose is a matter of result final. Another similar option is Reach Semifinals, with 2.00 in odds for Germany.

Reach Quarter Finals: This possibility is one of the most likely; reaching quarter finals is something that Germany has done many times, and prices are only above 1.50 in odds. They could face Belgium in the 1/4 finals. This match could be one of the most impressive of the World Cup as both team are filled with great players at every position on the pitch.

Can Germany win two world cups in a row? Sure, they can do it.

Germany has a 69% chance of winning another World Cup in Russia, according to, a specialized website. The factors are in their favor: they are in Europe, while the South American teams will suffer from the cold weather and their performance will surely fall below, so Brazil does not have more than 60% chance to win the world cup, Argentina does not have a chance either, it is a team that has the best player in the world, but they do not have a strategy.

Germany will surely win this world cup, 5.50 odds seems a good price take it while it’s priced above 5.50 because when Löw shows the final line-up before the world cup starts it can go lower than that.

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