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Malaysian religious government says hot dogs are un-Islamic

Hot dogs are un-Islamic, says the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (MIDD). To receive halal certification,the MIDD, a religious government body, says hot dogs must be renamed.

MIDD’s Sirajuddin Suhaimee explains says: “In Islam, … (read more)

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Transfer balls: Arsenal gazump themselves in Ozil contract talks

Transfer balls: Will Arsenal keep Mesut Ozil beyond his contract, which expires in 2018? The media has been chattering about this for months.

Today Sky Sports says Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger … (read more)

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Manchester United’s Mourinho insults Liverpool boss Klopp and makes it all about him

Ahead of the Premier League match between Liverpool and Manchester United the temperature is being cranked up. In the Times, we read “Klopp antics are mocked by Mourinho”.  The paper says United … (read more)

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St Dunstan’s school, Glastonbury, sends parents typo C-bvomb

The message to parents with children at St Dunstan’s school, Glastonbury, Somerset, is clear: state your ‘cunt’ of birth:



The school says the word ‘cunty’ is a typo and not a comment on … (read more)

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Media balls: Arsenal’s Granit is better than Man United’s Rooney but not a ‘capable’ as Southampton’s Steven Davis

Who are “The 50 best players in the Premier League”? You could decide this with transfer fees, goals scored, goals conceded, where a player polled in the PFA awards and the Football … (read more)

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Transfer balls: Chelsea want to sell Hazard, Manchester United offered £170m for Neymar, Arsenal re-buy Higuain

Transfer balls: a look at football reporting. The BBC says Chelsea are looking to cash in on Eden Hazard, the player once billed as the “new Lionel Messi”. The BBC … (read more)

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Teenager has nine-inch tail removed (photos)


“It became a problem when the tail grew outside the body,” said the 14-year-old boy’s mother, who doesn’t want to be named.

“He would just lift the [8-inch] tail every time he needed … (read more)

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Howard Gayle and ‘Digger’ Barnes: When Liverpool FC rejected racism

Howard Gayle was the first black footballer to play for Liverpool. The State wanted to reward Toxteth-born Gayle for footballing whilst black and working with the anti-racism charity Kick It Out with an MBE (Member of … (read more)

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This official Liverpool clock plays You’ll Never Walk Alone on the hour!

We are indebted to Pies for this gem of an item for Liverpool fans looking to buy a clock. The Bradford Exchange are offering this £197.94 ‘Liverpool FC Stadium clock’, an officially licensed piece of merchandise … (read more)

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Manchester United balls: Jose Mourinho never criticises players for missing chances (except when he does)

It’s tempting to think that there are two sides to Jose Mourinho: the bitchy, pouting manager who delivers barbs and criticism to the media and the man who rouses a … (read more)

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Denzel Washington admits to strangling Aretha Franklin in New York

Denzel Washington has attempted to strangle Aretha Franklin. Washington, 20, admitted to strangling his mother, 52-year-old Aretha Franklin, in Manhattan, New York.

“I am informed by Aretha Franklin,” says the complaint filed by police, “that … (read more)

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The entire first season of Danny Dyer’s The Real Football Factories in one 60 second chunk

“I edited the entire first season of Danny Dyer’s The Real Football Factories into one 60 second chunk,” tweets ‏@AchinglyChic.

It’s brilliant:

I edited the entire first season of Danny Dyer's The Real … (read more)

Posted: 30th, September 2016 | In: Celebrities, Sports, TV & Radio | Comment

Arsenal Wenger ‘sets the date’ for Arsenal departure but keeps everyone guessing

How do you follow Sam Allardyce? With a broom, perhaps. The Football Association has a better idea: wait for caretaker boss Gareth Southgate to fail and then appoint Arsenal manager Arsene … (read more)

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Butt Fuchs: the backbone of Germany’s Olympic hockey team

Obviously, it would be hugely childish & wrong to laugh at Linus & Florian, the backbone of Germany’s hockey team, aka Butt and Fuchs:



Spotter: Ruth Davidson … (read more)

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Hampstead wades into ‘Black Lives Matter’ debate


Who speaks for the green olives? … (read more)

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Inappropriate children’s toy of the day: the 3D butt plug


Inappropriate toy of the day: the 3D Magic toy (and not a butt plug). … (read more)

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Terrible Tattoos: The Miley Cyrus Demented Chicken Twerk Tongue Tat

TERRIBLE Tattoos presents the Miley Cyrus chicken twerk tongue tat:


  … (read more)

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The Hidden Messages In Brighton’s Christmas Lights

MEANWHILE…in Brighton:

… (read more)

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Nigerian Prostitute Kills With Her ‘Poisoned Minge’

TO Nigeria, where ‘Victim Six has been Killed by Hooker’s Poisoned Minge”:

  … (read more)

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World Cup 2014: Vicente del Bosque Photobombs Fabio Capello

IN which Spain manager Vicente del Bosque photobombs Fabio Capello at the World Cup 2014 shindig:

  … (read more)

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Happy Hanukkah From Chewbanukka

HAPPY Hannukkah:

… (read more)

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